Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

tapi aku percaya kamu :')

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maybe someday..
we'll meet again..
in other life,
other situation..
i've been so satisfied,
watching you in every your movement.
even if, it wont take effect.
even if, it wont change my feelings.
thank you very much,
for a lil time,
you've filled my emptiness..
even if, its just for a while.
even if, we havent met each other.
thats why i said, you're only my dream..
my manyun..
my outstandinangel..
could you please stay for longer, in my heart?
honestly i cant leave you behind, and honestly im not okay when we're apart..
but i have to, relieve this fact, although i dont want to.
i have to, let you go, although i dont want to.
i have to, burry it, my feelings, burry as deep as i can dig, although i dont want to.
goodbye after all, thank you so much for being my sweet memory, so thank you..
now we've had our own live.
I'm still with my emptiness, and you with your own life..
hard to say goodbye..
but believe you last message:

"esok bila aku udah bisa jadi lebih baik,mohon aku di terima kembali"


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